A water walk is just the beginning. Caring for the water is a way of life. There are many ways you can do something for the water every day.

Pray for the water every day.

In Saint Paul Sharon Day leads a water ceremony at Hidden Falls Regional Park every Sunday at 9 AM. Enter at the North Gate for the park and meet near the boat launch. As with the water walk protocols, women are asked to wear skirts. The ceremony lasts less than an hour and happens every week, year round. If you live somewhere else you might find a connection to ceremonies near where you live through the Nibi Walks Facebook Group.

Every day there are many opportunities to speak up for the water. For example you can

  • Attend Water Action Day on April 19
  • Participate in caucuses
  • Submit comments or testimony to advisory boards
  • March for the water

What will you do for the water?