Sunday July 22, 2018 9 -11 a.m.

Come learn about water walks and the many ways you can support them. Water walks honor the rivers and all water and speak to the water spirits so that there will be healthy rivers, lakes and oceans for our ancestors in the generations to come.

We will begin near the boat launch at the North Gate to Hidden Falls Park in Saint Paul. Sharon Day will share a history of the water walks. Everyone is invited to participate in a water ceremony in which each person will collect water and carry it to the picnic grounds at the South entrance to the park (roughly one mile). We will then have a ceremony to return the water to the river. This experience will give you a taste of what happens on a water walk. Find out how you can support the upcoming Wisconsin River Water Walk beginning August 4.

Please bring your own vessel for carrying river water. Because we will be in ceremony women are asked to wear long skirts. Learn more about water walk protocols. Rides back to the North Gate are available for those who need them.

Please consider making a donation in support of the upcoming walk at Give MN:

Chi Migwetch!