View current GPS location of walkers here. (not working for Kinnickinnic River Walk)

Kinnickinnic River Nibi Walk

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Twenty two miles, from north of River Falls, Wisconsin, to Kinnickinnic State Park, between Hudson and Prescott, WI, at the confluence of the Kinnickinnic and St. Croix Rivers.

We gather this Saturday morning at 8:30 at these coordinates near Roberts

140th and 60th near the fishery headwaters.

There is a carpooling network going on and if anyone wants to carpool from River Falls people are meeting at Glen Park at 8 o’clock

How to follow the route of the walkers.

This is so you don’t get lost. For this walk there is no GPS tracker on the walkers, please trust that with this map and patience you can find us.

  • Download the Gaia GPS app from your app store or Itunes. It is free but you will need to create an account in order to sign in.
  • Click on this link for the Kinnickinnic River Nibi Walk route.
  • Once you have logged into the Gaia App you will be able to see the Kinnickinnic River Nibi Walk route
  • If you are not able to see the Waypoint icons (headwaters, trail markers, confluence, etc):
    • Look for the “map overlay” at the top right of your screen. It looks like a stack of papers.
    • Click the right > and make sure that Routes, Waypoints, and Waypoint toggles are all selected as on/green.
    • Exit out of map overlays with the back arrow.
  • For driving directions to the Kinni Headwaters (the start of the Nibi walk):
    • Click anywhere on the red Kinni River Nibi Walk route
    • Select “More”
    • Select “Driving Directions”. This will link to a google map showing you directions to the start from your current location.
  • If you want to be able to follow the app when you do not have phone service, download the map at home while you still have internet access:
    • Click on the red Kinni River Nibi Walk route
    • Select “More”
    • Select “Download Map Along Route”. With the maps downloaded, your phone can be in airplane mode and your GPS will still track your movement along the route.

The walk will end at the Kinnickinnic state park. Where the Kinnickinnic River flows into the Saint Croix is at the bottom of an extremely steep hill. We will be having our ceremony at the bottom. Not everybody will be able to make it back up this hill. So please judge it for yourself. We will come back up and have our feast.

Everyone that goes into the park with a car will be charged a state park fee. Residence is eight dollars and non-residence is $11.

Cedar and Iowa Rivers Nibi Walk

Postponed to August 2022

The focus on this walk is to give invited young people an opportunity to learn in depth about the Nibi Walk Ceremony. Adult participation, in support of the youth, will be by invitation.

The Cedar River is a major tributary of the Iowa River. The walk will begin in Dodge County, Minnesota and ending in the Mississippi River near Cedar Rapids. More details to come.

The walk will begin near Sargeant, MN at the intersection of 330 and 620th st. and end on County road X71 at the confluence of the Iowa and Mississippi rivers. To find the walkers during the walk, use the GPS map.

Haw River and Cape Fear River

Dates to be Determined

The Haw River is a major tributary of the Cape Fear River, running through central North Carolina. Together this walk travels roughly 300 river miles.

Mississippi River Walk – 2023

This walk will bring the water from the dead zone in the gulf to the headwaters for healing. This walk will be made by our leader Sharon Day and a group of young women who aspire to be ogitchidagkwe, future leaders of water walks. You are welcome to walk in solidarity and support with them all or part of the way. Begins in Fort Jackson, Louisiana and ends in Itasca, Minnesota.