There are so many ways to care for the water. Here are some ideas of ways you can join with us.

If you feel called to walk in ceremony for the water, please join us. You can join us for an hour or many days. Please see the information about ceremony protocol.

You can support the water walkers. Costs for the upcoming Missouri River walk include the GPS tracker and a floating lodge that we will “walk” down the river by paddling it. We need to raise $40,000 for this nearly two-month-long walk. Nibi Walks is a program of the Indigenous People’s Task Force and all donations are tax-deductible.


Nibi Walk | GiveMN

Proceeds from the For the Earth and Water 2017 teespring sale benefit the 2017 Missouri River Walk as well as the 2017 West to the East Walk led by Grandmother Josephine.

Proceeds from purchasing the Nibi Walk River Songs CD also benefit our work for the water. And it is a wonderful way to learn and share our songs. To purchase the CD click on this link, donate $20, enter your address and we will send you a CD.

Join the Nibi Walks Facebook group to connect with other people caring for the water.