Walkers from the Salt River Water Walk led by Sharon Day. Photo by Jenny Zander.

The Salt River is about 200 miles long and ends in the Gila River. It is impaired from past mining and is threatened by future mining. This walk was sponsored by the Museum of Walking.
The Salt River Nibi Walk occured between February 14-18, 2020. The route was approximately 135 miles and the group covered about 33 miles a day.

Walker Route

Day 1:  Diversion Dam recreation center on Highway 288
Day 2:  Ten miles south of Jake’s Corner
Day 3:  Intersection of 188 and Highway 87
Day 4 :  87 south  about halfway to intersection of Highway 87 and Fort McDowell Road. Follow the Verde River to Rio Saludo. This begins at Rio Saludo Recreation Area.
Day 5:  Rio Saludo and Fort McDowell Road… to Gila River confluence