May 6, 2021 – September 12, 2021
Minneapolis Institute of Arts

This exhibition explores the importance of nibi (the Ojibwe word for water) as a life-giving force. For the past ten years, Ojibwe artist and community leader Sharon M. Day has been guiding Nibi Walks as extended ceremonies to pray for the water. Water is gathered in a copper vessel and carried by walkers along the length of the river, until they reach the confluence, where it is released to remind the river of its original state.

“Ninga Izhichige Nibi Onji / I Will Do It For The Water” brings together art, images, words, and works by the community of water walkers who have criss-crossed Turtle Island to bring healing to the waters. The reflections on these journeys invite you, the viewer, to act to protect water in your own life.

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This virtual story circle shares the perspectives and experiences of community artists involved in the exhibition “Ninga Izhichige Nibi Onji / I Will Do It For The Water”