FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MORE INFO: SHARON DAY,  smarieday@aol.com, 651-325-8077 EMILY JARRETT HUGHES, nibiwalk@gmail.com, 612-314-5413 (Minneapolis, MN, July 13, 2018) Indigenous-led Wisconsin River Nibi (Water) Walk will begin August 4, 2018. The walk begins at the headwater of the river near Lac Vieux Desert near the Wisconsin/Michigan border. Over an estimated 14 days walkers will carry a ceremonial copper vessel of water 379 miles to the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin river was one of the main water routes for tribes. It begins near Watersmeet on the Lac Vieux Desert reservation. One trail went to Lake Michigan, one to Lake Superior and the trail along the Wisconsin River meets the Mississippi. Walkers will be following the southern trail route along the Wisconsin River following the path of the ancestors. Despite growing environmental awareness the challenges facing our fresh water continue to mount. …

An Experiential Introduction to Water Walking


Sunday July 22, 2018 9 -11 a.m. Come learn about water walks and the many ways you can support them. Water walks honor the rivers and all water and speak to the water spirits so that there will be healthy rivers, lakes and oceans for our ancestors in the generations to come. We will begin near the boat launch at the North Gate to Hidden Falls Park in Saint Paul. Sharon Day will share a history of the water walks. Everyone is invited to participate in a water ceremony in which each person will collect water and carry it to the picnic grounds at the South entrance to the park (roughly one mile). We will then have a ceremony to return the water to the river. This experience will give you a taste of what happens on a water walk. Find out how you can support the upcoming Wisconsin River …

Chippewa River Waterwalk

April 20-25 Walk begins on April 20 at New Post, Wisconsin at the convergence of the East and West Chippewa Rivers and ends at Wabasha, Minnesota. This walk is in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire to commemorate Aldo Leopold’s work.

Upcoming Water Walks


Phalen Creek Water Walk The walk begins at the headwaters, Lake Phalen, and will wind through East Saint Paul and Lowertown to the mouth of the creek, at the Mississippi River. This event has two parts: on October 6, walkers learn about Dakota history of the creek, ecological impacts of and to the creek, and Nibi Walk protocols; on October 27 is the actual walk, followed immediately by lunch and a reflection activity. *Participants must attend both October 6 and October 27. Learn more and register → http://bit.ly/2Nuqqe6 ___________________________________ This event is presented by Minnesota Humanities Center, in partnership with University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment and the River Life Program, and the Lower Phalen Creek Project. Red River Water Walk – 2019. Stay tuned for more details about the Red River Water Walk in 2019.  

Link for the GPS track of the Ohio River Water Walk

Please use the link below to have a more exact idea of where the water walkers are on any given day. If you are planning on walking, please see Sharon Day’s guide for volunteer walkers in our facebook group: Mississippi River Water Walk 2013 The link below will take you to our shared GPS page, which tracks the exact location of our walkers: http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0oaqcs5BLymRDvfAGiECgJRMjiA8qqps8