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National Native March on Washington March 10th,

Missouri River Water Walk – August 1st, 2017.


Potomac River Water Walk | October 7 – 19, 2016



Previous Water Walks

MNi’sota River Water Walk  | March 25th – April 1st, 2016

Indigenous women and supporters will gather at Big Stone Lake in Ortonville, MN on Friday, March 25, at 9 am to begin a week-long Water Walk along the course of the MNiSota (Minnesota) River. The Walk will conclude April 1 at Fort Snelling State Park in Minneapolis, MN, where the MNiSota meets the Mississippi.

“We will gather the river water at Big Stone Lake and carry this water to the confluence of the Mississippi River,” explains Ojibwe elder Sharon Day. Day has led a series of water walks over the years along the Mississippi, the Ohio, St. Louis, Cuyahoga and the James Rivers.

The MNiSota River (cloudy tinted waters to the Dakota) was formed by glaciers thousands of years ago. The river is of deep historic and cultural significance to the Dakota and also home today to many others. The river has been cited as one of the most polluted rivers in the state and nation. It is one of the larger tributaries of the Mississippi River and increases the volume of the Mississippi’s flow by 57%, thereby increasing the pollution of the Mississippi.

March 25 • Begin Bigstone Lake Dam • End near Milan, MN • 30 miles
March 26 • Begin Near Milan, MN • End Granite Falls • 30 miles
March 27 • Begin Granite Falls • End north of Redwood Falls • 31 miles
March 28 • Begin north of Redwood Falls • End 10 miles from New Ulm • 30 miles
March 29 • Begin 10 miles from New Ulm • End near Minneopa State Park • 32 miles
March 30 • Begin near Minneopa State Park • End Le Sueur • 30 miles
March 31 • Begin Le Sueur • End near Chaska • 30 miles
March 30 • Begin near Chaska • End Bdote, Pike Island, Fort Snelling State Park • 30 miles

Here’s a link to the detailed route map on Google My Maps

I wish to give a shout out and chi migwetch to Upper Sioux Business Committee (Jackpot Junction) and Lower Sioux tribal government (Prairies Edge), Sammy Odegard and Sharon Odegard, Wilbur Ince, Keya Hutchins, Moonstone Farm, 7th Generation Fund, ReTap, Sue Wolpert, Forrest Peterson, Honor the Earth, Carrie Jennings, and Duane Ninneman, Peg Furshong, and Audrey Arner. Audrey gets a shout out twice for food and lodging! And Chi Migwetch to my buddy, my pal, Sarah Wolbert, who designed the poster, and spent 3 days with me last fall doing the ground work.

0-Screen_Shot_2014-12-11_at_2.21.38_PMChippewa River Water Walk  | April 20-25, 2015

Walk begins on April 20 at New Post, Wisconsin at the convergence of the East and West Chippewa Rivers and ends at Wabasha, Minnesota.  This walk is in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire to commemorate Aldo Leopold’s work.

April 20 • Begin New Post • End 9 Miles North of Bruce • 25 miles
April 21 • Begin 9 Miles North of Bruce • End Holcomb • 31 miles
April 22 • Begin Holcomb • End Chippewa Falls • 25 miles
April 23 • Begin Chippewa Falls • End Eau Claire • 28 miles
April 24 • Begin Eau Claire • End Durand • 25 miles
April 25 • Begin Durand • End Wabash • 19 miles

James River Unity Water Walk | May 11 – 22, 2015

More details to follow.  This walk is in collaboration with Indigenous Women who reside in the state of Virginia along with the James River Association.

Cuyahoga River Water Walk | June 22 – 25, 2015

Begins at the headwaters on the 22nd and ends in Cleveland at the mouth of river on June 25. This walk is in collaboration with Bright Water Rising, a local organization lead by Kathy Skerritt.

For more information, please contact Sharon M. Day at smarieday@aol.com.

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