Tree of Peace, Tree of Life, Tree for the Future


An Invitation If you had the opportunity to create a message for future generations, one crafted from a place of deep love, the purist truth, and instilled with hope, what might that message be? Following the recent uprising here in Minneapolis and around the nation, many elders and others with compromised immune systems, felt powerless as we watched our youth march in the streets as they sought to bring justice for George Floyd and so many others killed by police. Our youth have brought us to this brink of a dramatic sea change, one many of us have worked toward our entire lives.  We are so close and yet, we can already see the entrenchment and back sliding by our elected officials at the local and federal levels. Let’s seize this opportunity; we can and must help to bring about social justice. I suggest we create a tree of peace, …

Water Walker Gathering and House Concert


Sunday JANUARY 27, 2019 5 – 9 PM All Nations Indian Church 1515 E 23rd St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404   Come reconnect and plan for how you will get involved this year. This relaxed evening will include House concert by Sara Thomsen (please bring donations for the music), Potluck dinner, Learning the water songs we sing every Sunday morning, Looking ahead to the planned walks for the year, and An auction of water themed sculptural posts from the Phalen Creek Water Walk.   Please bring your voice, a potluck dish, donations for the music and Nibi Walk, and your love for the water.   We are striving to make all Nibi Walk activities ZERO WASTE – please bring your own plate, forks, napkins and cups.   Facebook event at

An Experiential Introduction to Water Walking


Sunday July 22, 2018 9 -11 a.m. Come learn about water walks and the many ways you can support them. Water walks honor the rivers and all water and speak to the water spirits so that there will be healthy rivers, lakes and oceans for our ancestors in the generations to come. We will begin near the boat launch at the North Gate to Hidden Falls Park in Saint Paul. Sharon Day will share a history of the water walks. Everyone is invited to participate in a water ceremony in which each person will collect water and carry it to the picnic grounds at the South entrance to the park (roughly one mile). We will then have a ceremony to return the water to the river. This experience will give you a taste of what happens on a water walk. Find out how you can support the upcoming Wisconsin River …

Upcoming Water Walks


View current GPS location of walkers here. Tree of Peace, Tree of Life, Tree for the Future An invitation to prayer (but not a walk) – Deadline September 15, 2020 If you had the opportunity to create a message for future generations, one crafted from a place of deep love, the purist truth, and instilled with hope, what might that message be? We will be creating a Tree of Peace, Tree of Life, Tree for the Future. Learn more about how you can be involved. Willow River Nibi Walk, from Clear Lake to Hudson, WI – October 17-18, 2020 The Willow River is 61 miles long and ends in the Saint Croix River near Hudson, Wisconsin. Read a recent article about how factory farm run-off has contaminated one of the creeks that feeds into the Willow River, killing fish. Walk route: Beginning will be at the place where there is …

Press Release: April 2014

MEDIA ALERT/PHOTO OPPORTUNITY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MORE INFO: SHARON DAY,, 651-325-8077 CAMILLE GAGE,, 651-398-6028 SINGING TO THE SPIRIT OF THE RIVER Indigenous-led 981 Mile Ohio River Nibi (Water) Walk begins April 22, 2014 MEDIA AVAILABILITY Tuesday, April 22, Earth Day, 9 to 10AM Water Steps at North Shore Riverfront Park, Pittsburgh, PA The rivers are the arteries of the earth and they are in peril, with the Ohio River bearing the dubious distinction of being the most polluted waterway in North America.*  Once beautiful and free flowing, the Ohio is now misshapen by 20 dams and made toxic from coal mining, agricultural runoff, chemical spills, and fracking waste. The recent coal slurry spills and the chemical spills at Elk River, which feeds into the Ohio, are merely the latest chapter in the ongoing plight of the River and the people who live near her shores. Despite growing environmental awareness …

Link for the GPS track of the Ohio River Water Walk

Please use the link below to have a more exact idea of where the water walkers are on any given day. If you are planning on walking, please see Sharon Day’s guide for volunteer walkers in our facebook group: Mississippi River Water Walk 2013 The link below will take you to our shared GPS page, which tracks the exact location of our walkers: