Upcoming Water Walks

View current GPS location of walkers here. Tree of Peace, Tree of Life, Tree for the Future Join the ceremony celebrating the public debut of this sculpture on Sunday October 11, 2020 from 9 a.m. to noon. Read more. If you had the opportunity to create a message for future generations, one crafted from a […]

Press Release: April 2014

MEDIA ALERT/PHOTO OPPORTUNITY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MORE INFO: SHARON DAY, smarieday@aol.com, 651-325-8077 CAMILLE GAGE, nibiwalk@gmail.com, 651-398-6028 SINGING TO THE SPIRIT OF THE RIVER Indigenous-led 981 Mile Ohio River Nibi (Water) Walk begins April 22, 2014 MEDIA AVAILABILITY Tuesday, April 22, Earth Day, 9 to 10AM Water Steps at North Shore Riverfront Park, Pittsburgh, PA The […]